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on behalf of fbi earlier tonight. there is a lot to cover. i am bill hemmer live in boston. our coverage continues with my colleagues in new york. (beep beep) (bleep) (insdirnsab (indiscernible yelling) >> get back! >> back up, back up, back up. >> we are following breaking news out of massachusetts right now. residents in water town being told to stay inside and keep their doors locked following a major standoff there. th the boston marathon bombing we know suspect number one is the black cap is reportedly dead. the other believed to be suspect number two white hat still on the lose. police now on the hunt. they say a man in a black t-shirt armed and dangerous. police calling the suspect a terrorist and quote came here to kill. >> this started before 11:00 last night when mit massachusetts institute of technology campus police officer was shot and killed after responding to a report of a disturbance on campus. >> he was apparently shot and killed in his vehicle we are hearing from local police. police responded to a car jacking event at a convenience store that led into a massive chase
are with us also. we want to go to bill hemmer. you've been there all morning long reporting from the scene of the boston bombings. what's the latest? set the scene. >> we are at copley square, near the finish for the marathon on morning. ten miles west of here past fenway park and kendall square is where you'd come across the m.i.t. campus and watertown, massachusetts. moments ago classes were announced they're closed today at m.i.t. classes closed at harvard. bus service throughout boston has been service. the t-service, boston commuter line, has been suspended. this is a town that is not going entirely in lockdown but going on pause for a moment to try to eliminate the potential for escape for suspect number two. but specifically in watertown, massachusetts, that town itself has been locked down for a 10- or 20-block area to prevent suspect number two from moving. brian, you were given a ticktock. that stolen s.u.v., it was the police who picked up the scent at that point and a police trail followed. at that point the suspect opened fire at watertown police and a transit police officer w
>> neil: great reporting through the. good luck, bill hemmer, continuing to report live from boston for as long as it takes. we're back live tonight on fox business with the very latest developments from there and the fallout everywhere. see you then. >> hello, everyone, i'm andrea tantaros, this is a fox news alert. there is breaking news tonight in washington where the white house has confirmed a letter sent to president obama has, in fact, tested positive for ricin. now, the poison was also sent to several senators and others. we'll have the details on that in a little bit but, first, the breaking developments in the boston terror investigation. >> good evening, this is what we can tell you. we believe police and investigators are scouring over an image capturing camera about a quarter mile down the street of residents boilston, it was that image captured 2:30 local time monday that police believe there was a young man on this image that they want to talk to. no identity given. we can report that there has been no arrests made. there is a press conference scheduled for the past s
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hospital and check in with bill hemmer. >> bret: monday's boston marathon bombings have made that great city famous for history and culture known for the time being for something else. my colleague bill hemmer is live tonight in boston with the latest on what we know. hello, bill. >> bret, good evening from massachusetts general hospital, word ago about the third victim who has succumb to her injuries. said to be a boston university student. the that i am has not been released. but a graduate student at the university here in boston pending notification of family. that name has not been released for now. here at the hospital, there is some good news that the surgeons came out to tell us a bit earlier today. there are seven patients still listed in critical condition. a severe blood loss they say but loss of life is not expected for any of them. they are all expected to make it. and what they talked about here, bret, is how they sedated these patients and early in the morning had amputations performed, often of their lower legs just above the knee. and when they came to, when the patient
and that technology just might find the folks behind this tragedy. bill hemmer now. >> kimberly: hello, everyone, i'm kimberly gill film and this is a fox news alert. first time from two days about to get a briefing on the boston terror investigation. we hear that they are about to release a video they have not told us what's on it, just what they will be releasing on today. while we wait for that, let's go to fox news bill hemmer live in boston with what we know so far today. bill? kimberly, good evening, keep the screen split and let you know as soon as the fbi begins the press conference. we shall be quiet and listen. we expect the fbi to release some sort of video that captures the bombing suspects, that is plural now, whether that's two or more than two, we do not know but we may find out very soon here. i say expected because the fbi can change their mds at the last minute. this is a very hot investigation. we expect them to release this video to all the television networks the same time, so, we will wait and watch it together and kimberly i think it will be fascinating to see whether the vi
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, massachusetts. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer as our coverage continues here near copley square downtown boston, the back bay. near the scene of the explosion monday afternoon. now we have confirmation. if you're just joining us or waking us this morning, suspect number one, age 26 with roots out of chechnya and russia is dead. suspect number two said to be his 19-year-old property is still at the moment on the loose. there is massive manhunt around the city and surrounding communities in and around watertown, massachusetts, to find that 19-year-old and to take him into custody. again i'm bill hemmer. i welcome my colleague martha maccallum also with us from new york. martha, good morning it you. martha: good morning bill. good morning everybody. we know so much more this morning than yesterday at this time, certainly. you see on the right-hand side of the screen who we know were properties. the one on the right is thought to be the leader in this. the 26-year-old brother tamarlin. we believe this is a pick sure of. jokar as a younger boy. you wonder where the radical nature beg
this tough city and great country move forward after this cowardly act. bill hemmer has been on the scene and joins us. what the latest? >> reporter: good evening to you from massachusetts general. the surgeons came out about 90 minutes ago and one of the updates is truly stunning. they say they do not expected any of the patients here to lose any life. that is what they described as the good news. then they talked about people patients earlier today that came out of sedation that had their legs amp updated. they said they were happy to be alive. that is what is happening to the hospital. we move into the investigation, the forensics is the heart of this. what was the bomb made of. what did it do when it was detonated? what was sent out that injured and killed three people here in boston? that is an investigation that is ongoing. i know you will talk a little more about that with jennifer in a moment. there were no other unexploded devices found. that was not true as reported late last night. no additional threats in the area and still no one is in custody that is considered to be a suspe
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their search for these two men. >> bill: breaking news now as i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. we are watching enormous development in a marathon attack only two hours ago the fbi releasing video of two suspects at the scene of monday's bombings and they called them suspects. that video shows two men in baseball caps. walking down boylston street in the direction of the marathon finish line. the fbi has named them suspect one and suspect 2, suspect 1 wearing a dark hat, suspect 2 a white hat. they are both carrying bags. and the fbi special agency in charge said that suspect 2 in the white hat set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion in front of the forum restaurant at 755 boylston street. both suspects are perhaps the most wanted men in america. you will see these images many times in the coming hours. and days until these men are caught. so study them carefully. because as the fbi put it today, somebody knows who these guys are. >> we know the public will play a critical role in identifying and locating these individuals. somebody out there knows these individuals
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callum. welcome to a brand-new hour of our special edition of "america's newsroom." bill hemmer in boston. >> great to see you again. good afternoon from boston for one final day of coverage in "america's news room." you have one suspect in custody, the 19-year-old, dzhokhar tsarnaev. the other, the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, is dead. the younger brother in police custody at a hospital down the street from our location here after this tense and harrowing stand-off. he is listed in serious condition expected to recover. the suspect discovered in the backyard of a home in watertown after the homeowner noticed blood on his boat and part of a tarp removed. the stepson of the boat owner talked to greta late last night shortly after the arrest was made. >> the tarp on the boat, as you've described, had kind of lifted, which he found strange. he went over to the boat for a closer look. he found a strap that had been cut. not torn or worn through. it had been deliberately cut. he then was kind of stranged out by the whole thing. noticed a small amount of like blood in this area and then he
'm bill hemmer, the o'reilly factor starts right now. >> bill: bill hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching the factor tonight. the talking points memo about the government protecting us from terrorism and gun crime will be in the third segment because we have an amazing breaking story tonight out of boston. and we leave the broadcast with the latest. the stunning turn of events. in a press conference held this afternoon, the fbi directly asked the public, you guys, for help in bringing the boston terrorists to justice. the bureau has identified two men. there they are. saying they are suspects in monday's bombing. the men were seen on boylston street just before the explosions. the images are clear. can you see them here. the problem is the authorities don't know who these men are. >> today we are enlisting the public's help to identify the two suspects. after a very detailed analysis of photo, video, and other evidence, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified as suspect 1 and suspect 2. they appear to be associated. suspect 1 is wearing a dark hat.
there we will get back to you. joining me live in the scene, fox news own bill hemmer is with us. bill. >> good evening from copley square. we are about two blocks away from the scene of the incident. now six hours and twenty minutes into it. listening to the press conference tonight, you really get the sense of urgency from these officials who are working this story and working this incident of this terrorist hit at 2:50 this afternoon. if you walk up and down the street you can look into different restaurants and bars. on every tv screen there's ongoing live coverage locally here in boston and there's a number on the air, a telephone number, an 877 number for anyone who has seen anything to help people find those responsible for what happened here. also when you listen to the raw tape, the raw feed of the explosion that you see on that camera, yes, the explosion is one thing and then you hear it a few seconds later, the second explosion goes off. but after the -- the crowd erupts with absolute terror and shrieks in their voice as they run in every direction. as a human being, when yo
injured, 17 critically. and again, three people are dead, including an 8-year-old little boy. bill hemmer is the co-host of america's news room live in boston. bill, what is the latest with the forensics investigation as we now know it? >> reporter: good afternoon, megyn, so many times in stories like these when they are this young, only 22 hours old now, it is as important to say what we cannot report as much as we can say we are reporting. i tell you that because of this: the massachusetts governor, deval patrick said today there were no other unexploded devices found. even late last night there were reports that two to five other unexploded packages were on streets of boston. that's simply not true. second, no other known additional threats that's new this morning as well, and also, no one said to be in custody, on i'll talk more about that in a moment the, but part of the -- part of this investigation it is the forensics and it's also talking to eyewitnesses who were here yesterday. and during the briefing earlier today, at least half a dozen times, they implored the public if you hav
surveillance video near the finish line of the marathon. we go live back to boston, our very own bill hemmer standing by. i understand it, bill, you have seen these photos? >> good evening to you. thanks to my colleague, rick, who you will speak to in a couple minutes on your program here. i have seen the picture and the images, and you can clearly see, you know, the faces of these two persons described in the report rick broke a few hours ago. but with regard to that, sean, you think about theence that wad and was postponed and later cancelled. you think about what the boston police department defeated out en its official page about 90 men's ago about a statement from the fbi that several minutes later then they said it will not happen. that, too, was cancelled. it's been 24 hours. not a single member of an investigating body on this story, after a major terror attack in a major american city. not a single member of the investigating body, be it the police or the fbi, have come out to brief the public or the media. i'm not suggesting that's right or wrong or good or bad. what i am suggestin
'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer here in "america's newsroom.". >> i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. experts say it may be delaying over fears that the missile will be blown out of the sky. gregg: greg palkot is streaming live from seoul, south korea. greg, what's the latest? >> reporter: hey, gregg, heather. that crucial date has come and almost gone. that threatened missile test might in fact be a dud. we did see festivities up in north korea and pongyang and the marking the anniversary of the birth date of the founder of north korea, kim il-sung. wreath-laying, gatherings, that kind of thing. we didn't see a big military parade. we didn't hear new threats. we saw one alleged glimpse of the current leader, kim jong-il, a overnight visit to the mausoleum, where his grandfather lace to rest. south korean officials say it remains ready and poised for action along the north korean coast but there is no sign of movement, no sign of prep. it could be tomorrow. this is a two-day holiday around this birthday or later this month. there are other key dates or maybe not at all. at
on your screen now! >> shepard: 6 minutes before 8:00 in boston life coverage continues. bill hemmer is with us now live from boston hills beacon neighborhood live from the scene. bill? >> good evening. right near copley square. incident today at 2:auto local full-time. we're now five hours beyond that shepard, and the scene tonight neither finish line where we just came from is stunning. there are thousands and thousands of yellow bags. these are bags of personal possessions that belong to each of the they're none runners. what they will do at these races and s. preposition their personal belongings so when they finish the race they have something it to return to. something to put on a change of clothes. there are thousands stranded without those possessions tonight. they trickle in one after another. but this is something that clearly will not be taken care of tonight, shepard. i talked to one young man who came in from st. louis, missouri. he was a quarter mile behind the finish line, finishing himself when the explosion occurred but he never heard the explosion. he said there wer
here. here is studio b with bill hemmer live from boston subbing for shepard smith. >> thank you. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. welcome to studio b. break developments now in the terrorist attack. boston police, 30 minutes ago denying earlier reports that they have made an arrest. you can still see a large crowd outside the courthouse after early reports suggested that somebody was in custody. that's about a mile from our location, a mile east of where we are in boston's back bay. sources telling fox news -- and this is critical -- security video shows a, quote, young man carrying perhaps -- and perhaps dropping a black bag near the site of the second blast, a bag that may have caped a deadly bomb. we do not yet know if he is a suspect. we do not yet know if they've identified this person. today we saw crews coming through that site, combing through the site at 755 boylston street a quarter mile behind us here. rick leventhal with me now in boston. let me repeat the tweet that boston police sent out 30 minutes ago. despite reports to the contrary, there has not been arrest i
news channel, i'm bill hemmer and good evening. we will join the roiferl factor in a moment. but, first, fox news confirming police have arrested someone for mailing letters containing the deadly toxin ricin. those letters addressed to president obama and mississippi republican senator roger wicker. we have learned the suspect is a man from tupelo, mississippi, a man with a long history of sending letters to lawmakers in washington. investigators say that early tests on those letters were positive. that mail never came close to the president or the senator for that matter. they set off alarms though in postal screening facilities away from the white house and away from chill. i want to start our coverage this hour now with mike emanuel who is live on capitol hill and there is a lot we can report now that we could not several hours ago. what do we have now. >> that's right, bill. we can tell you the man's name is kenneth curtis, he is from tupelo, mississippi. the arrest made we understand this evening unclear whether charges will be filed tonight or tomorrow and where they will be filed
letters to u.s. senators. tonight, another plot unfolds. much i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. we are live boilston street on the back bay of boston. a few blocks from the scene of monday's bombing and what has been a somewhat chaotic day here. just minutes ago a federal source telling fox news investigators are looking for two persons of interest in connection with monday's attack. now, both men captured in photos from the scene. more on that in a moment. of course, hours ago, we heard reports that an arrest was imminent in the attacks. some talk that an arrest had already happened. the fbi later saying there were no arrest and has not been one. nobody to bring to court here in boston. but at this hour, we're still awaiting a news conference from investigators that has been rescheduled over and over again. postponed was the word we heard late tonight. rick leventhal monitoring developments all day. is he live in boston with me as well. rick, you broke the news of these two persons of interest. what more you can report? >> well, obviously, bill, the focus here has to be on cap
briefing, that is yet to come. bill hemmer we interrupted your reporting a moment ago. let's go back to you. >> reporter: no, problem. i wanted viewers to understand that based on our location here in boston's back bay, i90 the massachusetts turnpike literally runs right underneath us here and boylston street is off to my right. you cannot go 30 seconds without hearing a siren, and this has been the pattern for the last hour. whether it leads to the capture of this man i do not know and cannot say at the moment. something i can moving on the story and let's hope they this zeroed in on their guy. what is stunning to watch here jones is i just showed you the finish line down behind me and the metal barricades behind me. that goes west to east along boylston street. the runners on the marathon in monday afternoon would have been headed that direction down boylston street to the finish line. what the fbi told us yesterday is that they saw the explosives being dropped, two separate bombs, one planted by this 19-year-old from russia heading westbound on boylston street. it is conceivable that if
and what is in it becomes your enemy. >> i am ar they will neville. >> i am bill hemmer. this is "fox files." >>> oo december 28th, 2011, sub zero temperatures and a winter snow grip north korea as the world's most secretive and oppressive country laid to rest its supreme leader kim jong-il. the world got a glimpse into the sealed off nation. strong of north koreans lined the route of the funeral procession in a ritual of bizarre mourning. it is unclear if it was genuine or motivated fear. >> people probably understood what would hap perspen if they t show this mourning. >> the state was working over time after his death. they were insuring north koreans did not deviate from official ideology. >> they created the most oppressive society in arguably human history. >> there's a fear of a blackmer said that will show up to your home one day and take you off. >> you say there are tens of thousands of christians in north korea. >> there is an under ground christian church in north korea. christian organizations rank them as the most persecuted church in the world. so we have tens of thousands of
again tomorrow. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: we have fox news anchor bill hemmer up in boston now. you just got up there, hemmer? >> sure did. just about two hours ago, bill. >> bill: so you fresh on the scene. give me your impression, some sights and sounds. >> yeah. you can get within a block of where the explosion occurred here, which was, what, about five and a half -- five hours, 40 minutes from now what i find fascinating just walking over in that area, bill, is the shear number of people still affected by this tonight because you had 27,000 runners in this marathon. there are between 2 and 6,000 of these yellow personal possession bags that are lined up on the street here down around the corner. that could be a sweater for a change of clothes for one of the runners. all of the runners put these possessions in the bag before the race occurs. they bring that to the finish line so that 26.2 miles later at the end of the boston marathon which, by the way doesn't run in a circle it goes in a line 26-plus miles. inside those yellow bags, bill, you can have car keys and house keys and cell
wherever you are, i'm bill hemmer. good to have you along with us here in "america's newsroom". martha: good morning, bill. good morning everybody. i'm martha maccallum. we're also getting some brand new details this morning on who may have dropped the ball here. senators were briefed by intelligence officials but that only led to even more questions about the suspects russia trips to an area that is known for islamic fanaticism. so why were we not following his travels? it appears that homeland security knew he left the country but they didn't know that he came back in. here is homeland security chief janet napolitano on capitol hill. watch. >> was your department aware of his travels to russia and, if you weren't, the reason? >> the travel in 2012 that you're referring to? yes, the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned all investigations had been, the matter had been closed. bill: so let's pick it up today with greg palkot working on the story in london. greg, u.s. officials are there. what do you think they would be asking or what part of the i
last night was my fach rit part of the entire week. life is back on the streets of boston and i am bill hemmer, one upon final time in the saturday special edition of america's news room. martha good afternoon to you. >> morning, bill. i am martha here in fox news headquarters, the justice department is hoping to file charges against 19 year old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he is under guard in the hospital and list indeed serious condition right now. he is expected to recover, which is a very important fact? this case this morning. the big hope is that soon he will be talking and he will be answering questions. the first one of course, will be why. what was the motivation for the crimes, and were there tie to an over seas terrorist group and was there training that took place by overseas or here at home training group and were there red flags that were missed on the two young men and we'll get to all of that in the come being hourings. first, what an end it to a difficult week. here is boston's police chief ed davis on how one long day came to an incredible end. >> he walked and saw blood on the
again i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." there is a lot to the get through throughout the morning here. we're near copley square behind me on boylston street. welcome back to "america's newsroom.". good morning, patti ann. >> i'm here at fox news headquarters in for martha maccallum. we have to stress no arrests have been made. we're still waiting for the fbi to hold its news conference. one was canceled of course amid a flurry of reports that an arrest had been made. those reports were shot down. massachusetts governor deval patrick speaking on the resilience of the boston community. >> these are times all kinds of forces sometimes conspire to make people start think of categories of people in sometimes uncharitable ways. this community will recover and will heal if we turn to each other rather than on even other bill: homeland security chief janet napolitano is set to testify this hour. level of security across the country. president obama and first lady, michelle obama on the way to boston moments ago departing the white house on the south lawn. they're set to the a
. i'm bill hemmer again live in coply square here in boston. heather good morning to you as well in new york heather: i'm here in fox news headquarters for martha. fbi agents are pouring over the area inch by inch. boston police calling it the most complex crime scene in boston history, bill? bill: the boston community remembering their own for the lives that were cut too short. 8-year-old life was cut short. 29-year-old krystel campbell, the restaurant manager went to the marathon to take at that picture of her friends's boyfriend crossing the finish line. hundreds of neighbors remember martin richard with boundless energy and infectious smile that would simply light up a room. >> this was a devastating tragedy. to have it happen so close to home. so close you could actually hear the bang. that is too close to home. >> although it was shocking as you can see here tonight it really rally ad strong community together. >> it is kind of uplifting to see the whole park full and all of the community spirit of people wanting to be together to support each other but also so that the fam
son's picture upon television and the internet. and our own bill hemmer, f amerm is live in boston. you know, the anguish of that father and having to learn about his son's situation that way, you can feel it, bill, but on the other hand they really are credited that gentleman, i don't have his name in front of me, a aaron donnedo. and because of him and others like him lives were saved on monday. >> and the triage set up right in the area of those explosions, likely saved their lives and they did not bleed out as they say in the military. good afternoon to you, again, megyn, a lot to go through and quickly i want to go through the video, of the scene of the second explosion, this is in front of the forum restaurant, 755 boylston, a quarter of mile behind me. investigators had gone inside to search for more evidence and possible clues inside there and we want today share that with you. that's the same location, by the way, in which the local nbc station, whdh in boston put out these images last night. it's a before and an after image and the reason they put it out and they were app
'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." we'll find out whether this is one month deal or one-we can deal. martha: good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. weekly unemployment claims up three straight weeks after they hit the lowest level way back in 2008. bill: the news comes only aa day before the march unemployment report that comes tomorrow. stuart varney, anchor fox business network. first the news today, what do you see happening here? >> each of the last three years we hope the recovery, the recovery will finally start and have real steam to it. in each the last three years the hopes have been dashed and same again now. 385,000 people applying for first-time jobless benefits is far too high. that is huge jump from the past couple weeks, bill. bill: three weeks in a row the numbers have bonn up. we've seen this pattern at the begin of each year for three years in a row? >> yes. for three years, there have been hopes that finally, we would have a robust recovery. and each time, the number of people being laid off as opposed to hired but the layoff rate, that's what
congress ends up with bad policy when something is crafted in an emotional way. this morning bill hemmer asked about john boehner about delaying immigration efforts? >> it may for a couple days until we understand what did our immigration system know and what didn't they know? what impact would this have on it? primarily i'm in the camp if we fix our immigration system it may actually help us understand who all is here, why they're here and what legal status they have. >> reporter: the point being made today dysfunction in our current immigration system affects all of us and this is a golden opportunity to fix it. jenna? jenna: mike, thank you. jon: so for more on the impact the terror attack could have on immigration reform we're joined by karl rove, former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. do the events of last week in boston change anything regarding i am membership graduation reform, karl, in your view? >> well they could. two big issues, opponents or skeptics of immigration reform say we need to go slow and supporters of immigration reform say we
. just when you thought there were no more headlines plenty today. welcome, i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom.". martha: i'm martha maccallum. russia was persistent to us about the warnings on the older brother. they reached out to the cia about tamerlan when they didn't get the feedback they wanted from the fbi. this person was so much on the radar was able to travel back and forth to russia from the united states. bill: we had the suspect's mother in the news conference, does not believe her sons were involved in the first place and she suggests that the attack in boston was staged. >> our kid going to be safe for any reason. but it happened -- [inaudible] take my kids away from me. bill: that from a moment ago. amy kellogg in london watching news conference and listening out of russia. what are we hearing from the parents? >> reporter: mrs. tsarnaev did most of the talking and she was denying so many points we already heard to be true in this case. she said the junger son dzhokhar's backpack, thee she is seeing this on the internet. the backpack he actually had does
in for bill hemmer. his transfer is coming after we learn more about the secretary record attack that thankfully never came to be. dzhokhar tsarnaev telling investigators he and his brother made a spontaneous decision continue to killing americans planning to drive to new york in a car packed with explosives and detonating them in times square. here is new york city mayor michael bloomberg reacting. >> the investments that we made in counterterrorism operations technology and intelligence helped reduced possibility of a successful terrorist strike but they certainly do not eliminate it. nothing can do that. we don't know if we would have been able to stop the terrorists had they arrived here from boston. we're thankful we didn't have to find out that answer. martha: that's for sure. molly line joins us live from boston. so, molly, what can you tell us about the details of this new york plan? >> reporter: yeah, well a lot of the information coming out of that press conference in new york city yesterday and essentially the details that these two suspects didn't have much of a plan.
] [screaming] >> fox news anchor bill hemmer joins us live from boston. the twelve seconds seems like eternity when you don't know what is going on. you have the first confusing bombing and then the second one. >> unbelievable just to listen to it too, greta. the reflexive listening to it on your program is the same i had the first time i heard it. first explosion is loud, the second one not quite as loud. twelve seconds apart. but when you here the collective shriek of people, hundreds, if not thousands of people running in every direction, that's the classic definition of terror and it happened in a major american city. greta, it's a stunning thing to think we are 29 or 30 hours away from the last official connected directly with this investigation that has briefed the public or briefed reporters. these press conferences that were scheduled and then cancelled and postponed, et cetera, off and on again throughout the day, a statement that was on at 8:00, that was off several minutes later. it's all very confusing, as you can imagine here. i'm not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing that t
and historic cities, this is ground zero or a story running i am bill hemmer with continues coverage -- >> armed and dangerous every angle of this story, on a very some ospecial edition of money. melissa: fbi going house-to-house in boston, searching for dzhokhar tsarnaev. the second suspect in the bombing his uncle has spoken out, telling him it turn himself in now that his brother tamerlan is dead. eric shaw is in massachusets with the latest. >> reporter: if you lived in boston, chances are you got an e-mail extreme threat alert message, saying shelter in place, that is still in effect, not prevent employees from returning home, governor patrick saying if you go to work, they want you to go home, the city is basically paralyzed. severity is extreme, urgency they say is quote immediate, because dzhokhar tsarnaev is still on the loose. will get dark in boston, we may be back to what went on last night, that chase. and manhunt and gunfire. and ieds police say were thrown from his car he and his brother allegedly hijacked as they went from cambridge across river to watertown. police h
. it is a very distressing situation. i'm here with my colleague, bill hemmer. bill, you spoke to some people tonight? >> yeah, good evening to you. really horrific to hear what the doctors are experiencing here in boston, massachusetts tonight. i saw what was really telling throughout the evening. not just listening to that doctor but also the press conference from the authorities about an hour ago. how urgent it is for them to find any clues or any evidence they can. you walk down the street right here tonight, you 307 your head into a restaurant or bar, and all this coverage is on local coverage here in boston. every screen has the one graphic that is similar to the next one. that's an 877 number at the bottom of the monitor for anyone who has any information or if they saw anything to contact authorities here. it is all out here in boston. only seven hours and some twenty-five minutes into it. what struck me, i arrived from new york around 7:00 tonight and i talked to one gentleman who was telling me he was a quarter mile from the finish line, and yet even at a quart mile from the finish
colleague, bill hemmer. bill, you spoke to some people tonight? >> yeah, good evening to you. really horrific to hear what the doctors are experiencing here in boston, massachusetts tonight. i saw what was really telling throughout the evening. not just listening to that doctor but also the press conference from the authorities about an hour ago. how urgent it is for them to find any clues or any evidence they can. you walk down the street right here tonight, you 307 your head into a restaurant or bar, and all this coverage is on local coverage here in boston. every screen has the one graphic that is similar to the next one. that's an 877 number at the bottom of the monitor for anyone who has any information or if they saw anything to contact authorities here. it is all out here in boston. only seven hours and some twenty-five minutes into it. what struck me, i arrived from new york around 7:00 tonight and i talked to one gentleman who was telling me he was a quarter mile from the finish line, and yet even at a quart mile from the finish line, there were so many thousands of boss sto
. >> let's get back to boston where our very own bill hemmer is standing by. he has the latest on the ground, including the images we put up earlier from whdh. bill, what can you tell us on is that? >> sean, good evening. these are intriguing images. what we believe they show, it appears like some sort of paper bag with the lining of plastic on the inside. let me set the scene for you. this is along boylston street along the finish line. this would have been possibly the second explosion, sean. i'll call it a paper bag for the moment here because that's what it looks like sitting next to this mailbox. there is a preimage, and then there is a post image that is posted on the tv website for whdh, the affiliate here in boston. this would have been about 75, 100 yards down the course from the first explosion, the initial explosion. the second image you see is a pixilated picture. a lot has been blurred out. they describe it too graphic to show on the website or put on the tv station. that's why it has been blurred to a degree. you see the restaurant behind it. if this is true it wa
this briefing gets underway? keep it right here on fox. i'm bill hemmer live in boylston street in boston. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. this is is a fox news alert. we are awaiting a new briefing in massachusetts look at the microphones. search for the most wanted fugitive in america right now. he is the subject of an intense manhunt tonight. a search that's playing out live and in high definition on global television. authorities in and around boston are looking for 19-year-old a college student suspected of involvement in monday's deadly marathon bombings. his older brother previously known as suspect number 1. his name skarnaev was killed in a shootout one of them in america more than a decade. before the press conference begins. mike tobin is in watertown tonight, good evening, mike. >> bret, there really seems to be just one core activity taking place on the streets of water town and that is that door-to-door search that's being conducted by state troopers. it's being conducted by local police. different municipalities being conducted by army national guardsmen and tactical
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